Center for Technology Transfer and Managerial (CTTM)

The main objective is to increase the performance of the CTTM institutional research and stimulating innovation and technology transfer and management in order to introduce into the economic recovery and in the scientific research results into products, processes and new or improved services and publications.
Also, CTTM meet the needs of new enterprises involved in the development and marketing of products and new processes, entailing a high commercial risk and offers innovative technology transfer and assistance, financial etc.
CTTM’s partners are representatives from research institutes, universities Profile, Research Centres, National Institute for Research and Development, businesses, autonomous, National Companies, businesses, individuals.

CTTM’s services to the industry are:

  • technical and management consulting services;
  • feasibility of technologies;
  • technical expertise;
  • cooperation in scientific research;
  • specialization and training at all levels;
  • negotiating licenses and basic research;
  • market research and sales forecasting;
  • transfer of technologies developed within the institution.

These specialized technological services available to industrial companies CTTM scientific and technological skills of academic intellectual resources.
Presentation of research results in professional conferences and published magazines year is one of the main ways in which research results are imparted researchers from public and private sectors, including universities and research centers.