About us

The Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS) is an engineering faculty from POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, where teaching is conducted integrally in one of the languages: English, French and German.

Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages was established in 2002, by transforming the Department of Engineering Sciences, founded in 1990.

One of its goals is the formation of bilingual and multilingual engineering specialists with a wide area of expertise, capable of filling the needs of foreign or Romanian companies or to start their own entrepreneurial initiatives.

The Entrepreneurial HUB of FILS was started with a donation from Junior Achievement Romania and aims to create and to improve the entrepreneurial skills for the students of FILS. It is hosted in the laboratory room CJ004 and that space is used for both academic and entrepreneurship dedicated activities.

The main recipients are the students from the FILS master programs in the Engineering and management domain: Business Administration and Engineering (BAE), in English and Geschäfts- und Industrieverwaltung (GIVE) and Nachhaltige Geschäfts Exzellenz und Leadership in der Industrie (NGELI), in German.