“Increasing Educational Equity and Combating School Dropout within the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS), Challenges of the Intercultural Environment” – ACCESMI

The project “Increasing Educational Equity and Combating School Dropout within the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS), Challenges of the Intercultural Environment” – ACCESMI submitted under the Competitive Grants Scheme for Universities, funded by the Project regarding Secondary Education (ROSE) and carried out for 24 months has the main purpose to facilitate the educational process within the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages accompanied by the reduction of the dropout rate of Romanian and foreign students in risk situations. The project aims to increase competitiveness and social cohesion by focusing on motivating and accessing disadvantaged students, increasing passability at the end of the first year of study, increasing the integration of students from disadvantaged backgrounds and countries.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/filsstudentguidance

What does the project offer?

  • Counseling services – an innovative and complex package of practical activities, case studies, exercises, and role-plays, to become aware of one’s potential, to identify personal or external resources that can help students to increase self-confidence as well as educational performance;
  • Professional counseling and career guidance to familiarize and adapt to the academic environment, integrate students in the intercultural academic context, increase motivation and a sense of belonging to the FILS community;
  • Services for the development of socio-emotional skills by participating in counseling activities that contribute to the support and development of capacities for adaptation and integration, self-knowledge, and optimization of interpersonal relationships through practical activities, case studies, exercises and role-plays, workshops that use creative techniques to deepen emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships, as well as to stimulate educational performance;
  • Coaching and personal development services. The activity consists of coaching and support courses for students with a focus on individual support, through teamwork, mentoring, mentoring for students who encountered difficulties after the first semester and the first exam session;
  • Programs to improve students’ academic performance to develop specific skills and competences to identify the best learning resource, explore learning opportunities, improve the ability to understand technical problems, and bring to a satisfactory level of knowledge necessary to understand the disciplines of study at the university level, improvement of language level and technical vocabulary;
  • Study visits – which involve the development of professional skills in the technical field of students. The study visits aim at developing personal resources, familiarization with the communication, and study of technical documents written in a language of international circulation but also on a closer connection with the future field of activity of students. In this sense, study visits are provided in the following locations: CEGEDIM, IBM, Microsoft, eXcent Romania, Vodafone, Oracle, Telus, Genpact, covering a wide range of areas and available positions.

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